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Introduction To Computing

This wikibook is introduces computational thinking and data science through:

  • Learning to obtain data sets from the Internet.
  • Learning about how to use spreadsheets to manage data. This wikibook uses Google Sheets as its example spreadsheet tool.
  • Learning to clean data by finding bad items and either fixing them or eliminating them.
  • Learning to create summary tables that include statistics about the data.
  • Learning to visualize data in bar charts, line charts, and scatter plots.
  • Learn to use data to simulate things like people's behavior at a party, effects on global warming, and the spread of disease.
  • Learning to tell a data story that uses your analysis of the data to answer questions and prove a hypothesis.
  • Learning to program in Python, a popular programming language among scientists, game developers, and web developers.
  • Learning to use Python to:
    • Convert data formats, such as from JSON format to CSV format.
    • Obtain data using the application programmer interface (API) of real-time data feeds like that of the New York Stock Exchange or of Twitter
    • Clean data
    • Analyze data with statistics
    • Produce charts and graphs

The chapters are linked on the left navigation bar.